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Accunt History Uploader

Account history is imported from an Excel or CSV file onto an MT4 or MT5 account to assist clients in switching from their prior broker.

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Anti-Fake Account

Identifies the accounts that share an IP in order to stop them from abusing the broker's platform. It is a useful tool for you platform.

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Bonus Cashback

Plugin for the Metatrader platform that enables client promotions. Each closed trade results in a payback for the client based on the trade's size.

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Bonus Deposit

Whenever the account balance is deposited, a credit operation is created. It is a useful tool for your platform.

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Broker Dashboard

Information on brokerage performance statistics in real time, including profit, the number of new accounts, deposits, withdrawals, and execution time

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Commission Converter

A plugin that substitutes standard commission guidelines and enables traders to be charged in "Currency per million USD traded" style.

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Daily StopOut

Closes the trader's open positions and limits their ability to trade when certain criteria are satisfied.

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Drawdown Limit

Establishes the trading account's equity limits and terminates open positions when the limit is reached

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Equity Stopout

Minimizes financial losses for traders by closing all open positions if the equity level reaches a value specified in the plugin parameters.

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Event Logger

Captures all events that occur whenever the balance of a trade account changes and sends them to a persistent storage system of the broker's choosing.

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